The Advantages of CEREC Same Day Crowns
By Herndon Dental Arts
March 07, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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CEREC is an exciting new technology in dentistry that makes it possible to restore damaged teeth in one day. In the past, patients could crownswait several weeks to have a damaged tooth completely restored. With CEREC technology, a custom ceramic crown can be created and your tooth repaired all on the same day. At Herndon Dental Arts, Dr. Taraneh Zand is your Herndon area dentist for CEREC same day crowns.

How CEREC Works

The term CEREC is actually an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC makes it possible to create custom crowns in a single day. The CEREC machine uses computer aided design (CAD) technology to create a digital impression of the teeth. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technology then uses the digital impression to create a custom ceramic crown. Once the crown is ready, it can be placed over the damaged tooth by your Herndon dentist. All of this happens in the same day with CEREC.

Benefits of CEREC

CEREC technology offers several benefits. A primary benefit is that damaged teeth can be restored in one day. There is no need to wait several weeks while a physical mold of your teeth is sent to a dental lab where custom crowns will be created and eventually sent back to the dentist’s office. CEREC eliminates the waiting since everything can be done in the dentist’s office on the same day.

Another benefit of CEREC is the use of technology to create a digital impression of the teeth. In the past, a physical mold was made. The process of creating a physical mold could be messy. Additionally, some patients experienced mild discomfort during the process. CEREC same day crowns eliminates the mess and the discomfort by utilizing CAD and CAM digital technology.

There are many benefits to using CEREC same day crowns to repair a damaged tooth. In one day, a damaged tooth can be completely restored and normal tooth functioning can resume. To find out if CEREC same day crowns can restore your tooth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Zand, your Herndon, VA, dentist, by calling Herndon Dental Arts at (703) 953-3307.