iTero Intraoral Scanner

iTero Intraoral Scanner is a touch-enabled scanner that was introduced in 2007 that displays the digital capture of teeth and gum structure on a screen. It has the ability to capture an incredibly accurate digital impression of your teeth. In just a matter of minutes, iTero intraoral scanner can generate accurate and detailed dental models, unlike traditional models. It is pretty time-saving as it takes only about 10-15 minutes to get the full scan.

The iTero scanner has the ability to capture an incredibly accurate digital impression of your teeth which offers orthodontists the advantage of elevating clinical precision. It effectively determines the best possible course for dental treatment of the patients, which affords orthodontists more flexibility as they take your scan. iTero scanners are gentle, accurate, safe, and convenient for both doctors and patients.

How it Works

The orthodontist uses a small wand to scan the entire region of the patient’s mouth. These scanners ensure that the scanned images are captured more quickly, and results are produced more accurately. Then, a complete 3D dental impression is immediately created. Once the impression is generated, the patient will be able to see his/her smile from all angles on a computer screen. Along with this, the orthodontist will show you any points of concern, therefore offering the best possible dental treatment or solutions.

In the event the iTero scanner is used for Invisalign aligners, patients will be presented with a 3D simulation of their smile after completing the process. iTero Element scans are engineered to work with the Invisalign® System.

Moreover, iTero intraoral scans are also being used for ​​the creation of dentures and dental crowns, preparation for oral surgery, and dental records.

iTero Intraoral Scanning Benefits

  • It gives an accurate diagnosis of your oral health.
  • It is a time-saving and safe process.
  • Enables you to see your digital dental images.
  • Immediate feedback.
  • No external substance is required to scan, unlike previous technologies.
  • Ability to scan up to the back of your mouth which was difficult to reach earlier with old technologies.
  • Accurate models are created for restorative work.
  • Progress micromanaging.
  • Since this is radiation-free, it is also safe for pregnant women.