Why Do I Need My Tooth Extracted?

Tooth extraction may be recommended by your dentist when a tooth is completely decayed and there are no options for restoration. Extractions may also be required for your third set of molars, more commonly known as “wisdom teeth.”

Some people are lucky enough to have their wisdom teeth come in straight, right-side up, or not at all, but many of us can face difficulties with these teeth as they are the last teeth to erupt and there’s often not enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. The lack of space can cause abnormalities in the way they appear and this can make them hard to brush and floss. This leads to extensive decay and can pose a risk to your oral health.

Removing wisdom teeth as a preventive method is usually the most conservative treatment option before they negatively impact other teeth. Our Herndon dentists can evaluate your wisdom teeth with both a visual exam as well as detailed X-rays and offer a recommendation for removal if they deem it necessary.

Tooth extraction can also result from a dental emergency. If the tooth can’t be saved due to severe bone and tooth cracks, it’s better to extract the tooth and replace it with an implant or bridge.

What to Expect from a Tooth Extraction

Whether you need your tooth removed because of issues with your wisdom teeth or excessive decay, the doctors are here to provide you with top-quality tooth extraction right here in our Herndon dental office so you don’t have to worry about visiting a third-party specialist.

With the latest in pain management techniques and technology, tooth extractions can be performed with little to no discomfort. Aftercare will consist of cold compresses to keep the swelling down and soft food will be recommended following your extraction. You should avoid drinking from a straw and smoking to prevent dry sockets.

As with most dental recommendations, early intervention can be key in reducing long-term oral pain and a need for more intervention in the future so make your appointment today!