5 Tips to Improve Your Gum Health

Almost half of U.S. adults over the age of 30 suffer from gum disease, therefore it’s important for us to highlight the importance of gum health and to put the spotlight on this disease that causes inflammation of the gums.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is caused by plaque, the sticky film of bacteria that is constantly forming on your teeth. Gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, can easily be reversed before you experience any complications. If left untreated, it can lead to a more severe case, periodontitis. Severe gum disease can lead to tooth loss and much bigger issues down the line, such as diabetes or even stroke.

At Herndon Dental Arts, we are proud to have our very own board-certified periodontist, Dr. Ramy Habib — he is an expert on all issues pertaining to your gums. The added benefit is that we can treat your gum disease, no matter how advanced, at our dental office in Herndon, with no need for third-party referrals.

Signs of Gum Disease

You should be aware of the signs of gum disease so you can get treatment early for your symptoms. Look out for:

  • Tender or sore gums
  • Bleeding gums when flossing or brushing
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Constant bad taste in your mouth
  • Change in the alignment of your teeth
  • Change in the fit of your partial dentures

How to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Here are Dr. Ramy Habib’s tips to maintain healthy gums, and reduce your chances of developing periodontal disease:

  1. Daily Brushing and Flossing: Brush your teeth after every meal (or at least twice a day) so that you remove excess plaque. Food can also get caught between your teeth and gums, so it’s important to floss at least once a day.
  2. Book Your Dentist Appointment: Symptoms of gum disease can go unnoticed at times, so it’s important to have check-ups twice a year so we can examine your gums and ensure there’s no underlying disease that you may not be aware of.
  3. Professional Cleaning Twice a Year: Even if you brush and floss, it’s still important to have professional cleanings twice a year to remove excess plaque and calculus from around your gums.
  4. Have a Healthy Lifestyle: A balanced diet and not smoking, or chewing tobacco can help keep a healthy mouth and reduce the risk of periodontal disease.
  5. Straighten Your Teeth: When you have crooked or overlapping teeth, it can make it harder to brush and floss effectively. You may consider having an Invisalign consultation with us to see what we can do to straighten your teeth and make it easier in the long term to have a healthy smile.

Dr. Habib’s areas of interest include soft tissue augmentation surgeries, dental implants, guided bone and tissue regeneration, ridge augmentation, sinus lift, laser-assisted periodontal surgeries, and wisdom teeth extractions. We are proud to conveniently offer all these treatments and more from our dental office in Herndon.

The Herndon Dental Arts team is looking forward to welcoming you to our dental practice at Woodland Park Crossing near Herndon metro station and answer any questions or concerns you have about your gum health. Make your appointment today!